Welcome to MFH...

WE at MFH are eager to hear from all our applicants. Please make sure to read the rules and to check the times we raid at to make sure that we are the clan for you! 

You will find helpful guides, resources, addons in the forums for the clan. Ventrillo information and so much more. MFH welcomes all new members and always glad to help out within reasons.

What we look for in our members...

In MFH, we look for dedicated players who wish to see end game content. We seek raiders who know their class and understand raid awareness, strategies and can think on there toes. Positive attitude and a side of humor is just dandy.

currently looking to recruit the following

For 10-MAN core members

Paladin ( 1- holy )
 Priest ( 1- holy  1-Shadow )

Hunter (1- Survival  or 1-Beast Master)

Mercenarys For Hire

Raid Time Schedule

Wednesday / Thursday / Friday

(10.30 am to 2.30pm est time)

(for more information please contact Vzath, Zenorau, Meeshka, or Dixion Via in-game mail)