1. No use of bad-language towards another clan-mate.
2. No Harassment. If another tells you it is bothering them, drop it. enough said.
3. No bad sportsmanship, we will never post recount in a raid. No rubbing loot in another person's face. Use common sense when it comes to this rule.
4. No loot begging, Leaders will handle fair looting.
5. Show up for the Raids, We work off a plant attendance point system. 4pt termination rule.(already doing the raid does not count as a valid 
reason and you will be penalized for it.)
6. Mod's are a must have. this includes Recount, DBM (Deadly boss mods) Power Aura and other Raid mods.
7. You must know your class's duty during raid boss fights. failure to read & watch video's on fights will result in loss of core spot or termination 
from guild. ( we will explain our strats for the fights but if you do not know what your class needs to do as a priority this is a good example of loosing your spot. )
8. You must come prepared for a Raid. food buff's , Flask's, Arrow's, ect. you are expected to pull your own weight in helping to get your own buff's.
9. Our Clan works off a Main Core progression raid style. If you are absent multiple times you will be placed as a sub no questions asked. all core spots are 
held as competitive you have your chance to make it into a main core position.
10. Negative comments on vent along with talking while a boss encounter is in action are not allowed, if you are calling out for assistance ect "a innervate" that is fine. but random talking is not permitted.

Loot Handling (Guild Runs)

In MFH, we handle loot as following:

* Main spec before offspec

* We try our best to make sure at least everyone gets something out of the run ( depends on loot drop)

* If someone already won a piece of loot, it will pass on to whoever can use  for main spec who hasn't gotten a piece from the run yet.

* BOE, count as main spec item.  If no one can use it as an actual upgrade it will go towards the Guild bank.

*For Marks, it is on a separate loot table from main spec. Limited to one per run.

Raid Absences

When you find yourself absence from a raid this is how we take actions towards core raiders who do not attend scheduled raid times. This might look severe, but it's just to keep thing going at a steady pace, if you can't keep to the raid times then there's a good chance, we are not the right guild for you.

Late with notice .5 pt
Late without notice 1 Pt

Absence with notice .5 pt
Absence without notice 2 pts

After 1 months points drop.

How this works is you get 4 points your terminated, only very rare exceptions will still be kept.

Final note: I hold rights to waiver points if you're tardy / absent as i wish. to be fair to some rare situations. but do not feel that you are going to be immune to this set of rules. there is no negotiation.
** Rules in effect **